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The Maricopa Moderator Content Guidelines for Accuracy & Fairness

Policy Overview:

The Maricopa Moderator is committed to delivering comprehensive, unbiased, and factually accurate news, especially in the realms of local and political reporting. Our team, rooted in strong journalism ethics, aims to earn and maintain readers' trust by presenting news without hidden agendas.

Accuracy and Corrections:

Opinion and Reportage:

Privacy and Consent:

Sensitive Reporting:

Ethical Standards:

Content Sourcing:

Corrections and Clarifications

The Maricopa Moderator is dedicated to maintaining accuracy and transparency. If any errors are found in our published articles, we will address them promptly through the following steps:"

Identifying Errors:

  • Readers can report potential errors via
  • Our editorial team reviews reports and identifies significant inaccuracies.
  • Correcting Errors:

  • Corrections are made directly in the original article with an “UPDATE” note explaining the change.
  • If necessary, a new article will be published to address the correction.
  • Issuing Clarifications:

  • Clarifications are provided for articles that may have been misunderstood or require additional context.
  • These are added to the original article or published as separate notes.
  • Transparency:

  • We strive for transparency by clearly noting all corrections and clarifications in our articles.
  • By following these guidelines, The Maricopa Moderator ensures the highest standards of accuracy and trustworthiness in our reporting.